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Glasgow City Council refuses to speak to their school janitors as further strike action announced

Cordia and their political masters at Glasgow City Council are refusing to talk with the city’s striking school janitors in an increasingly bitter industrial dispute.

Sam Macartney, UNISON Branch Officer, said:

“In March, the janitors took three days of strike action in an escalation of the dispute. A further three days of strike will take place from 20 April to 22 April, with more to follow if Cordia and Glasgow City Council do not agree a negotiated settlement of the dispute. We want justice for jannies in Glasgow.”  

The city’s parents, carers and the wider public will be rightly astonished that the employer is refusing to even meet these hard working janitors and their trade union.”

UNISON is very clear that school janitors meet the criteria to be awarded this payment.”

UNISON members employed by Cordia as school janitors began industrial action on 19 January 2016 by boycotting a number of duties. Cordia, an ALEO of Glasgow City Council, is refusing to pay a Working Context and Demands Payment (WCD) to school janitors and is using spurious arguments to justify not making this payment.

Glasgow City Council and its ALEOs pay structure awards payments to workers who undertake duties which are dirty, unpleasant, involve working outside on a regular basis or heavy lifting. There are five levels of annual WCD payment ranging from just over £500 to over £1000.

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