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URGENT INFORMATION FOR Unison members currently being ballotted in Residential and Emergency Services

A letter dated 29/4/2016 has been sent to each member from Susanne Millar, Depute Director of Social Work. The letter details the offer of a SW Management 'buyout' payment for the payments made for public holiday working.

UNISON is urging members to reject this cynical attempt to bribe members with a 'one off payment and instead Vote Yes to industrial action in the ballot currently underway. (Ballot papers go out today, 29/4/2016- closing date 20th May)

Further, UNISON has demanded that the letter from Susanne Millar is withdrawn as a paragraph contained is misleading, either by accident or design (?) as it implies that UNISON has accepted the loss of the 6 days public holidays.

UNISON is consulting members on industrial action across 5,000 members of the branch currently. The branch is urging members to take industrial action to defend our current terms and conditions.

This is the Branch's only current response to this attack.

See below for UNISON response to letter



UNISON is of the view  that your letter is misleading, and of course unhelpful in the current circumstances.

We believe that your third paragraph infers that the trade unions have accepted the principal of fewer public holidays. This is not the case. UNISON requires that you withdraw this misleading letter.


Ian Leech

UNISON SW Convenor



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