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Lobby Against Privatisation of Glasgow Council's ICT Services

Monday 19th September at 1PM

Labour Group, Glasgow City Chambers, George Square

Glasgow City Council’s Chief Executive is proposing that the council’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provision is privatised to a Canadian based global corporation.

UNISON believes that this is wrong for a number of reasons including higher long-term costs, loss of control of a key council function, the future impact for social care, schools, home care, financial payments, council tax collection and benefits and other vital council services, and the threat to workers’ jobs, wages and conditions

The best way to ensure quality council services is to have them run in-house under democratic control. Public money should not be used to increase the profits of global private companies.

Glasgow City Council’s ruling Labour Group have yet to approve the proposal.

The above lobby will give UNISON members an opportunity to make their views known.

No to Privatisation!


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