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Community Safety Glasgow shift workers will strike once again this weekend in their fight for fair shift payments. Support them outside the city chambers at 12.30pm tomorrow (Friday, 7 Oct)

The dispute is over the level of shift payments that CSG are intending to make under a new pay scheme.

CSG are trying to pay their workers less than other workers in Glasgow City Council for working nightshift, at the weekend, etc. The trade unions believe that the payment levels are far too low compared to those in other parts of the Glasgow City Council Family. For example, the nightshift payment in the council is almost double that which CSG intend to pay. The trade unions do not believe that the proposed payments adequately compensate workers who undertake shifts and our members have been left with no option other than to take strike action.

Over 100 workers in UNISON and the GMB trade unions are taking action. These workers do a range of jobs and include advocacy workers, community payback workers, community enforcement officers, community enhancement workers, security officers and CCTV workers.

Please support these strikers. Please consider contacting your Glasgow Councillor on 0141 287 2000 or by e-mail. You will have three or four councillors in your local area. See the Glasgow Council Website or community newspapers for their names. Contact your local MSP. Again, see council website or local press for details.

Support the joint trade union fight for fair shift payments in Community Safety Glasgow..!


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