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Trade unionists will march in Glasgow tomorrow (11 March) against cuts and privatisation in the city’s public services in a demonstration called by the Glasgow Trades Union Council.

The unions point to another £53M in cuts from April by Glasgow City Council on top of £300M in budget cuts since 2010. The cumulative percentage cut in the council’s revenue spending since 2010 is set to reach around 20%.

The trade unions will also point to “cuts by stealth” in our health services through the non-filling of vacant posts and cuts in the city’s further education colleges and universities including possible further privatisations of catering services. Calls will also be made for Glasgow City Council not to proceed with the full privatisation of its IT services and to retain a janitor in all schools.

A UNISON spokesperson said:

“As public sector jobs go that means fewer services for the people of Glasgow. Another £14M is to be cut from social care and £3M from home care which will hit the most vulnerable once again. Spending in our schools on kids with additional support needs is under pressure with inadequate staffing levels and training programmes.

UNISON says that the primary responsibility for cuts to services lies with the Tories at Westminster however politicians from Glasgow and Scotland should be doing more to resist. UNISON says that much more could be done in the short term to hold off further cuts via current council and Scottish Government borrowing powers, through the refinancing of PFI/PPP deals, the use of council reserves and a fuller use of the current taxation powers of the Scottish Parliament. This would not be a panacea but a tactic to protect jobs and services whilst fighting for more funding, progressive revenue raising powers for councils and additional financial powers for the Scottish Parliament.

The UNISON spokesperson said:

“There is plenty of money in our society; it’s just in the wrong hands”


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